What Wellness Week Taught Mindshare Atlanta

By Kellie Murphy and Jordan Ezell

Wellness Week at Mindshare Atlanta was full of bonding, learning, and reflection on what it means to have a healthy work/life balance. Wellness Week has become a tradition in our office because we believe in the importance of making space during the day to focus on our well-being. This week serves as a reminder to put our health first as we enter into the winter months and holiday season. A time when many people tend to put their mental and physical wellness on the backburner. 

Throughout the week, the Purple People of Atlanta were challenged in finding opportunities to incorporate healthy choices and activities into our everyday life. The programs for Wellness Week taught us that making healthy choices at work can increase productivity along with creating happier and more involved employees.

Studies have shown that physical activity can drastically increase productivity in the workplace and we decided to put that theory to the test. For 2019’s Wellness Week, our Digital Director Dancing Queen, Ashley Gordon, led a WERQ class and taught the whole office some hip hop moves that got our hearts pumping. We also spent the week in our best athleisure promoting a more relaxed environment. This allowed us to take a mid-day walk as an office to get our blood flowing. We also hosted a friendly water challenge to stay hydrated for all of the extra exercise we were getting!

The second thing that became clear this week is that a healthy workplace really does lead to happy employees. Along with the attire, workout and water challenge, we had an assortment of fruit every day to snack on or to enhance our waters. We also had as a “Build Your Own Salad” bar. Reflecting on these activities, there were lots of laughs and conversations between employees who don’t always get to work together. We immediately saw a boost in morale after eating a fresh lunch instead of more processed meals. 

The most important Wellness Week takeaway is to always make time to focus on your health. This could be a 30-minute walk with a friend, swapping the usual Friday morning donuts with whole fruit, or disconnecting for a few minutes with a facemask and your favorite podcast. In the past two weeks, we have noticed employees incorporating healthier choices into their lifestyles and making a habit of putting their wellness first. From drinking an extra 8 oz of water a day to remembering to actually use our standing desks, we have taken the lessons learned from Wellness Week and implement them into our everyday routines. 

Make time for whatever it is you need to do to stay active or refresh your brain. You will be surprised at how it impacts your life in and outside of the office!