Mindshare wins at MediaPost’s Digital OOH Awards

Congratulations to our Mindshare and GroupM teams – together they won at MediaPost’s Digital Out of Home Awards for “Elevate Your Career,” a collaborative recruiting campaign that shows how strategic talent acquisition can drive real business impact. The team won the Wildcard category for the Venue or Location-Based section. It was the only agency recruiting campaign honored at these awards, and follows the campaign’s recent win at the Talent Acquisition Innovation Awards in June.

Though geo-targeting and programmatic advertising techniques are often employed in consumer marketing campaigns, they’re hardly ever used in recruiting efforts. Mindshare and GroupM sought to change that. We identified a few key elements that target candidates value the most while seeking a job with us (such as global career opportunities and flexible working arrangements), and designed creative to highlight those benefits of working at Mindshare. Then our programmatic media plan that reached the offices of our competitors in New York, as well as independent agencies, tech companies, and publishers.

You can read more about the campaign here, including how we directed different users to the most relevant job openings, leveraged original Mindshare research about workplace culture in different media placements, and more.