Adweek: Agencies Show That When It Comes to Buying Media, It’s Not What You’ve Got—It’s How You Use It

Excerpt: Humans, being creatures of habit, are smitten with Amazon’s Alexa, which will make shopping suggestions based on past purchases.

According to Mindshare, 85% of consumers take those electronic recommendations and buy those same products again.

Armed with that insight, General Mills wanted to put Honey Nut Cheerios at the top of the food chain on Alexa’s voice-enabled shopping, which accounts for a significant chunk of ecommerce spending (a channel that’s expected to top $40 billion in the U.S. by next year, up from the current $2 billion).

With agency Mindshare, the brand latched onto Amazon Prime Day with a giveaway of a family-size box of cereal for those spending at least $40. Accepting the freebie created a buying history, “an incidental loyalty,” that would lay the groundwork for more purchases down the line, says Michael Soroosh, Mindshare’s managing director of communications planning.

“We used the cultural, commercial phenomenon of Prime Day to future-proof ourselves,” Soroosh says. 

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