ANA Magazine: Product Launch Marketing Brings Brands to Life

Excerpt: As managing director of invention+ at global media agency Mindshare, Dan Richardson has a bird’s-eye view of emerging marketing trends. Brand marketers’ widespread adoption of non-traditional marketing strategies, especially for product launches and line extensions, is one he believes has staying power. “I think the model is all about grabbing attention in an era of disruption,” he says. “As you start to see consumers spending more time with ad-free or ad-lite environments, brands need to think about how they reach their audiences when a 15-second ad isn’t an option.”

Richardson points to General Mills’ collaboration with rapper Travis Scott to create custom packaging for Reese’s Puffs cereal. The bespoke cereal boxes sold out in 30 seconds. “While a brand like Reese’s Puffs has genuine fans, it can’t be expected to outshout the competitors in its category with traditional media alone,” he says. “But a custom packaging collaboration with Travis Scott can help create cultural relevance and show that this is a brand that understands its fans and knows how to talk to them.”

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