Win Big with Launches: Advertising Week

By David Rudman, Senior Associate, Strategy, Mindshare

On average, there are 15,000 new campaign launches every year (source: Twitter). With a number that high, it’s imperative for brands to find a way to distinguish themselves from their competitors. While all launches aren’t within the same category, there will be inevitable crossover, and it’s crucial to win the launch phase.

The “Win Big with Launches” seminar focused on the importance of having a successful launch, with shared insights on how to have one. Speakers from Twitter, Bain & Company, and more discussed their own experiences, coupled with industry research to show what they called “Launch Leaders.”

Investment into a launch cannot be understated, and directly correlates with the revenue sales that can be attained. According to Twitter’s JP Maheu, on average, a successful launch drives 1.5x-2x the revenue that an unsuccessful launch has. So, what constitutes a successful launch and what needs to be considered?

Laura Beaudin from Bain shared her insights, including:

  • Learn Before You Launch. Considered the most important stage to a launch, this is where you learn about your audience and apply those learnings to make the most impact. Use social listening, and tune the message based on what you know about your target. At Mindshare, we do this through a suite of digital and social listening tools that come together in The LOOP.
  • Own Your Voice – Be Authentic. Authenticity resonates with people, so go out there and say something that you mean. It will generate buzz, and make your brand more relatable.
  • Go BIG on the Reveal. Make a splash. Don’t be afraid to invest in it. Use multiple channels to hit your target on multiple touchpoints.
  • Prepare to Pivot. Agility is pivotal, because ultimately, you want your target to like your product. Launch leaders are three times more likely to use real-time data, and adjust to what their consumers are thinking – something that our teams do with clients not just for launch campaigns, but any program.

The launch of a new campaign sets the tone for the product, and the following months in market. A successful launch drives revenue, social buzz, and provides insights into your target for the future. Time is necessary when crafting a successful launch, and should not be rushed.

But perhaps most importantly of all, on top of all the advice shared during this session, at the end of the day it comes down to the central idea—are you and your clients doing something that will provoke the marketplace, but isn’t just risky for provocation’s sake? Within Mindshare, we call that provocation with purpose, and that’s a big part of how we bring a new launch to life.