Cynopsis Media’s Top Women in Media: Insights on Leadership from Janet Levine

After Cynopsis Media named Mindshare’s Janet Levine, Leader, Invention+, to their inaugural “Top Women in Media” list, they then interviewed her for their awards gala the other week. You can see an excerpt of her interview here, and check out the full piece below for Janet’s insights on leadership.

Bonus: if you’re at Advertising Week, check out the panel that she’s speaking on—a look at what’s next for the podcasting industry.

Cynopsis Media’s “Top Women in Media” Interview:

1) What is one key leadership lesson you have learned along the way?

There is no one “right way” to be a leader. Being the loudest or having the biggest presence can certainly be impactful but so can quiet intensity, leading through action, or candor. You can own the room and lead by being authentically yourself.

2) As a leader, how do you identify, support and reinforce the leadership potential of other women?

I do a lot of formal and informal mentorship as a way to help support the next wave of women in media. Beyond that, being a connector is a great way to help these women. That could mean suggesting she speak on a panel, identifying her strengths and finding a project that exposes that strength, or involving her in a project with C-level leaders to gain more experience and exposure.

3) What are the characteristics of a good leader?

    1. Great leaders are provocative and show up every day; they keep pushing when everyone else gives up.
    2. Great leaders build trust with their team and lead by example. We’re all in it together and if you roll up your sleeves, your team will help you move mountains.
    3. Great leaders know how to pull the best out of others, and understand that people learn and are motivated in different ways. This requires being very in-tune and perceptive to others.

4) Can you speak about one woman who has impacted or inspired you and why?

Cindy Gustafson, who I had worked with at Mindshare and is now VP at WW, has greatly inspired me in two major ways. She not only helped to sharpen and shape my perspective and skillset around media-as-creative, but also taught me that passion for anything – from a small tactic to a big idea – can be contagious.