The Wall Street Journal: Activision Blizzard Esports League Tries a Nielsen Metric to Take on Traditional Sports

Excerpt: The Overwatch League in February began releasing Nielsen viewership reports on the average number of people who watch any minute of a league event, among other Nielsen-backed numbers.

This average-minute audience, or AMA, number has long been used by traditional sports leagues and broadcasters to show the reach of live sports across a full broadcast.

Nielsen metrics and the average audience numbers in particular help simplify the pitch to advertisers because they are familiar data points, said Frank Puma, investment business lead at ad agency Mindshare USA.

“As advertisers look for more and more video inventory, especially within the 18-34 [demographic], this is something that will help Activision Blizzard be part of the conversation,” Mr. Puma said. “What they’re doing is saying: Here is our audience and we are willing to sell in the way you need to buy it. They are making it more digestible for ad buyers.”

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