Variety: Branded Entertainment Report

Variety has published a new report on branded entertainment, featuring insights from 25+ creatives and executives working in content and marketing today, including Mindshare’s David Lang.

Excerpt: LONGFORM IS MAKING A COMEBACK. While social media encourages short, snackable content, there’s increasing interest in longform storytelling. “The past few years, most of the marketplace went to lower funnel, short form, sales-driven content, which was driven by a lot of clients looking at quarterly earnings and things like that,” says David Lang, chief content officer for Mindshare, North America. “Now we’re seeing a trend of clients going back to longer form and more upper-funnel brand building. They realized the branding was hurting. Now we’re talking to clients to do more scripted, narrative content.”

For more insights from David and others, check out the full report on the Variety Intelligence Platform.