Strategy-Online: The Agency A List – Mindshare

Excerpt: “We see the shifts in media investment and work with platforms to help guide it to an effective place for advertisers,” says Devon MacDonald, Mindshare Canada CEO since last summer. “We prepare our talent for that by making sure they are curious and well-trained, and by investing in their development and to support their curiosity.”

Mindshare recently launched its Side Hustle initiative, which allows staff to pitch an internal panel on how to transform the agency and deliver better client service. If an idea is approved, the employee is given the resources to activate the program.

The passion for understanding consumers and clients fuels a prolific insight output, according to chief client operations officer Sheri Cooper.

“We spend a great deal of time thinking about our client’s business, the shift of culture and the competitive landscape. That’s our heritage and we believe our investment in marketing sciences and advanced analytics brings that to life and delivers business opportunities to clients,” she says.

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