Business Insider: Amazon decided to shut down HQ2 in New York but advertisers see no sign of the e-commerce giant slowing down its attack on Madison Avenue

Excerpt: Agencies said proximity to Amazon’s offices doesn’t influence how much they spend on advertising.

“When you have more face-to-face meetings, that obviously helps build a relationship with the agency and client,” said Jeff Malmad, executive director and lead of Shop+ at Mindshare North America. “But at the end of the day, we’re still asking the same questions, we’re still bringing forward the same requirements and KPIs for partners and budgets, whether you’re in New York or in Seattle.”

Malmad added that Amazon is increasingly building its sales teams to serve specific clients and verticals, as Facebook has long done with bigger advertisers. Platforms’ biggest ad spenders get dedicated sales reps who give them early access to new products.

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