eMarketer: Advanced Marketing Attribution

For their latest report, eMarketer profiled our advanced attribution work. Mindshare’s Ikechi Okoronkwo, Managing Director, Marketing Sciences, explains how we’re bringing a more holistic view to our clients by linking brand equity with sales outcomes.

Excerpt: The agency knew this effort could provide both sides with an ongoing learning agenda that could be updated with regular cadence of reporting and insights.

 How they got everyone on board: Getting buy-in from the client required a healthy mix of education and demonstration of the potential value of this type of engagement model. Okoronkwo and his team first made their case with more basic questions to prove the value in building a tool that could answer harder questions. “We needed to justify the investment,” he said. “So, we painted a picture of, ‘OK, you have five brands in your portfolio, and here’s how they work together. If we do X, this is how brand A performs against brand B. If we do Y, this is what changes. We wanted them to see how everything affected their business and what it took to hit their targets.” 

To read the full case study, check out the report on eMarketer.