Ad Age: Technically Speaking – Outsmart Intelligent Tracking

Ad Age has launched its new column, Technically Speaking, where they go in-depth on a particular tech topic with industry experts. In the first edition, they’re talking about Apple’s second edition of Intelligent Tracking Protection, featuring insights from Mindshare’s Shane McAndrew, Chief Data Strategy Officer, U.S.

“Advertising directly to consumers as a whole should be permission-based and privacy-safe,” McAndrew says. “In the long term, ITP2 will be a very positive thing and this gets the industry one step closer, maybe a bit sooner than our industry was ready. But necessity is the mother of all invention.”

Requiring permission from the user to be tracked, and improving self-regulation of the data supply chain—such as wiping out a legion of irrelevant ads for consumers while also improving ROI for brands—are good moves long-term, McAndrew says. “No doubt scale will be impacted, but the debate around precision versus scale is one for another day. At the end of the day, the industry needs, and is moving to, higher-fidelity IDs,” he says.

Read the full piece in their latest print edition or online here.