Coalition For Better Ads Update


The Coalition for Better Ads (CBA), formed by trade associations and advertising companies to improve consumer experience of online advertising, has announced that it will expand the Better Ads Standards for desktop and mobile web to all countries and regions worldwide.

The move coincides with Google expanding Chrome’s ad blocking of non-CBA compliant ads globally from July 9th, 2019. Chrome has been blocking these ads in North America and Europe since Feb 15th, 2018.

Details and Implications:

GroupM is one of 50 Charter members of the Coalition for Better Ads, along with the ANA, WFA, 4A’s, EDAA, IAB, NAI, P&G, & Unilever and as such fully endorse the Better Ads Standards.

The Better Ads Standards are based on 66,000 consumer surveys in 17 markets, representing over 70% of global online advertising spend. The statistically consistent findings across geographies confirm that consumers everywhere find the same ad formats to be annoying.

Desktop ad experiences that fall beneath the initial Better Ads Standard include: pop-up ads, auto-play video ads with sound, pre-stitial ads with countdown and large sticky ads.

Mobile web ad experiences that fall beneath the Standard include: pop-up ads, pre-stitial ads, ads with density greater than 30%, flashing animated ads, auto-play video ads with sound, post-stitial ads with countdown, full-screen scroll over ads, and large sticky ads.

GroupM best practice has been to avoid these ad formats since the beginning of 2018, when Chrome began blocking all advertising on sites using these formats in North America and Europe.

This announcement signals the expansion of the program to all regions. Google has confirmed that global Chrome ad blocking for Better Ads violators will commence on July 9th, 2019. This grace period is to give sites time to comply with standrads but Mindshare teams will be avoiding investment with sites using the 12 current sub-standard display ad formats effective immediately.


This expansion is a welcome shift towards a user-centric ad experience. Mindshare is committed as part of GroupM to the Coalition for Better Ads, as we believe that a user-first approach yields better results for our clients’ investments.

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