Adweek: 5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Continue to Shape Marketing

Excerpt: The past year saw AI emerge as a necessity in the industry. In 2018, artificial intelligence began making its virtues clear to the marketing industry in tangible ways.

Holistic media buying

The fact that consumers habitually juggle content streams has long been a thorn in marketers’ sides. This year, marketers can expect some relief because AI is great at quickly making sense of convoluted data sets. AI will make it easy for marketers to track consumers’ moves across platforms and channels.

More companies derive insights from AI-driven analytics and look for big changes in media buying strategies. Mindshare Canada’s CEO Devon MacDonald expects “a more confident push into holistic audience planning,” and I agree with him. The days of proprietary, gated platforms that inhibit cross-platform insight are numbered, and we’ll have AI to thank for that.

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