Mindshare Unplugged: Meet Maggie Siu

Mindshare Unplugged spotlights and interview rising stars across Mindshare North America – people who exemplify our core values of Provocation, Speed, and Teamwork. Say hello to Maggie Siu, Manager on the Digital Investment team in Atlanta, and find out what makes her tick.

1) What inspired you to go into the media industry?

I actually majored in journalism in college as my original dream job was to be a magazine editor. But after working on student publications and through internships, I realized seeking out stories and racing to report on breaking events wasn’t exactly my thing.

It was too late to change my major so I spent about a year as a copywriter until a friend introduced me to the media industry. I realized that media entailed everything to help me build my own stories – the data, the content that brands can create or surround, social platforms, digital innovations, influencing mass audiences. I still use my magazine journalism skills somewhat as a great foundation but what definitely keeps me hooked to media is the ever-changing landscape and the knowledge and challenges along the way.

2) What do you think is the most exciting thing happening in media right now?

E-commerce! It’s always the buzz with our clients and even as a consumer, it’s amazing to see how on-demand shopping has driven better website UX, emerging technologies, smarter and faster campaigns, the use of influencers, and changes to the brick-and-mortar model.

Years ago, never would I have believed that teens would be shopping for products based on what they saw their favorite Instagrammer wearing or using, and I definitely wouldn’t have believed you could press an Amazon Dash button or ask Google Home, Siri or Amazon Alexa to get toilet paper or soda delivered to your door. E-Commerce powers so much data and has pushed so many brands and companies to adapt and reach their audiences—from changing how I pre-order my Chipotle bowl or having UberEats delivered to me through tapping a few mobile buttons, to converting my family’s midnight Black Friday tradition of lining up at crowded store doors into gathering in the living room on mobile devices to make online purchases. I’m fascinated to see how much more sophisticated and convenient brands can get.

3) If you could give one piece of advice to your college-senior self, what would it be?

Success requires failure: take risks, stay humble, learn as much as possible, and enjoy the ride. You’re young, passionate, witty, and ready to take on the real world. Challenges and mistakes are only there to make you come out stronger and smarter than before.

4) Last one: if you got a blank plane ticket today, where would you go – and why?

I’d head straight to the South Pacific Islands (Fiji, French Polynesia, Easter Island… Bora Bora especially). It’d be breathtaking to be in a villa overlooking serene, crystal-clear blue waters, and I’d love exploring the hiking, springs, and wildlife down there as well as the history with World War II and indigenous cultures.