Business Insider: BuzzFeed News is partnering with Amazon to launch a book club as part of a push to create new revenue streams

As BuzzFeed launches a new book club offering, Mindshare spoke to Business Insider about both the opportunities and challenges for the publisher as they further diversify their revenue streams.

Excerpt: “It’s always encouraging – and frankly, important — to see publishers diversify their offerings,” said Janet Levine, managing director of Invention+ at Mindshare North America. “That said, there’s always challenges for publishers when they push outside their main proposition.”

For Levine, BuzzFeed’s partnership with Amazon in particular will be very helpful in helping the publisher garner more learnings in the e-commerce space.

“The big win will be if Amazon shares deeper audience data as part of the partnership – that’s something that Amazon’s partners would love, and it could help BuzzFeed build richer audience profiles,” she said.

The BuzzFeed Books team will be tracking a whole range of metrics, including clickthrough rates on the newsletter as well as engagement on the Facebook Group. Depending on how it takes off, charging a membership fee is not off the table either.

To learn more, read the full piece on Business Insider.