Business Insider: ‘In the next 12 months, you’re going to see a massive amount of consolidation’: Web publishers are overhauling their branded content divisions to keep ad budgets flowing

Excerpt: Publishers went all-in on creative shops and are trying to figure out what’s next.

One of the reasons branded content isn’t growing significantly [as a business for publishers] is because the number of creative studios within publishers has ballooned, said Greg Manago, president of Content+ at Mindshare North America.

“Today everybody has a content studio as part of their offerings and these content studios can literally do a lot of different things — they can produce traditional advertising assets, they can produce branded content, they can produce editorial content with a branded twist,” he said.

“What ends up happening is that you start to look at the things that the different publishers can bring to the table [like] talent, editorial voice, sometimes integration into editorial content and of course data as the things that can be differentiators.”

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