Digiday: How social listening platforms have evolved through consolidation

Following several company recent mergers in the social listening space (such as the latest with Brandwatch and Crimson Hexagon), Digiday explores the evolution of social listening – including insights on how Mindshare uses it as one part of The LOOP.

Excerpt: Jessica Prassel, director of search and social at Mindshare North America, said her agency has long used its own technology to analyze online conversations, but supplements it with third-party platforms when the client, say, needs more real-time information or wants to combine more datasets into one system.

“Brands see value in social listening because it went beyond just evaluating comments and what was going on from blogs and forums. It’s what their consumers are saying without it being a forced interview,” Prassel said.

Social listening has helped the agency figure out how to act on these conversations. One of her agency’s CPG brands was recently mentioned by a celebrity in a sort of joking manner. The team had to decide whether to respond to the video, so they analyzed the reaction on social media to see if people were going along with it. The company decided to go along with the joke and responded by having their brand mascot recreate the same video.

“It was a decision made with speed, and social listening helped,” Prassel said.

Of course, social listening is just part of the decision-making process within brands and agencies. Mindshare touts “The Loop,” a room in its offices where they display data on several large screens that don’t just include social listening but also sales numbers and industry forecasts.

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