Business of Fashion: Men’s Media Courts the Streetwear Crowd

A look at how men’s fashion media, from the legacy players to the digital natives, are trying to grow their audiences and attract more marketing and sponsorship dollars from brands.

Excerpt: Hypebeast founder and chief executive Kevin Ma said he wanted to encourage Hypefest guests to interact with each other and with brands, instead of just focusing on shopping.

“We are always online, always on our phones on Instagram, on social media platforms, so you do want these offline experiences to physically meet people, connect with people who are into the same things,” he said.

But brands are waking up to the fact that the best place to reach male consumers is indeed through their smartphones, says Francia Miller, director of digital investment at Mindshare North America. “A lot of luxury partners are tapping more into social, using publishers’ social followings either with custom content or tapping into their influencers,” she says.

At GQ for example, digital campaigns with a social media component have increased 117 percent year over year, according to David Stuckey, vice president of revenue for GQ and GQ Style.

While a legacy brand can provide more awareness and reach, digital brands’ audiences are often more ready to shop. And in today’s market, proven ability to convert sales is key.

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