eMarketer: What’s Next for Voice Control?

Excerpt: “Looking ahead, voice will become much more of a normal occurrence, as opposed to something that’s speaker-like,” said Jeff Malmad, head of Life+ at Mindshare North America. “From your light switch to your TV, your remote control, your coffee maker to your bed. It’s going to jump across multiple things and help consumers live easier lives.”

Some companies already are moving in this direction. At the 2018 CES in Las Vegas, Google featured an elaborate “Google House” to not only showcase its Assistant-enabled products, but also how they all work together. Scott Huffman, Google’s vice president of engineering in charge of Google Assistant, told Engadget in January 2018 that his company thinks “Assistant is more useful if it’s available across all devices and contexts. It’s not just phones or speakers or laptops; it’s all kinds of things.”

In May 2018, Amazon announced a partnership with home and real estate company Lennar to build Alexa-enabled smart homes from the ground up. New construction is slated to include built-in Wi-Fi, smart locks, thermostats, lights and doorbells, as well as bring together the various Amazon services—including Amazon Dash, Amazon Prime content, Fire TV and Amazon Home Services. While the press release promised users the ability to “control smart-home devices with just their voice,” and “have fun and incorporate entertainment every day,” there was no specific mention of Echo.

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