Adweek: With Faster Speeds and Connections, Brands Are Planning for 5G-Fueled Marketing

As the telecom industry prepares for the onset of 5G, Jeff Malmad, our Head of Life+, weighs in on what it means for marketers and consumers alike.


For advertisers, 5G opens up new video opportunities with formats like virtual reality and interactive clips that require hefty amounts of data to view today. Sprint’s Crull said he also expects for advertisers to play with dynamic creative and video lengths that are customized to users depending on how much content they typically watch on their phone.

And as Apple, Facebook and Snapchat invest in augmented reality, expect for 5G to open up more detailed AR experiences for marketers to experiment with, said Malmad.

“In a world of 5G, you aren’t going to be constrained by [bandwidth]—you can showcase whatever you like and have a rich, deep experience, so I do believe that augmented reality will benefit greatly from 5G,” he said.

Malmad said that 5G will also make it easier for marketers to target ads to connected cars, particularly once autonomous driving becomes more mainstream. For example, self-driving cars are expected to free up people’s time and attention so that they can watch TV or stream programs, meaning that automakers may build screens into seats.

“With 5G, you’ll start to see the fluid transformation of data back and forth,” he said. “People will be streaming more video and within that world, the ability for us to effectively communicate some kind of brand message while you’re on your way to the store becomes more prevalent—you’ll start to see more offer-based messages from a video standpoint evolve.”

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