Bertolli’s Sunday Supper

By Sara Fairbanks, Manager, Mindshare NA

For many, a Sunday Supper is a way to reconnect with family and friends after a long week, to prepare for the week ahead, to take a few hours to relax and partake in something traditional and withstanding generational divides. The idea of intertwining Bertolli into the Sunday supper only seemed natural, like it has been there all along, and that is because it has and now it is time to shine the spotlight on the authenticity and ease of Bertolli sauces in your Sunday Supper.

To showcase this tradition and simple inclusion of Bertolli in Sunday Supper recipes, we enlisted the help of a Bravo Top Chef talent who knows their way around an Italian recipe or two. We partnered with Rocco DiSpirito to create four custom videos, produced by Meredith, that showcase the authenticity and joy of using Bertolli pasta sauces for your Sunday Suppers.

The idea of Sunday Supper expands beyond Rocco DiSpirito as four additional influencers show us their own take on how they bring their loved ones together with their custom dishes. Love and Lemons, The Little Kitchen, The Kitchy Kitchen and Half Baked Harvest will be posting throughout April and May on their blogs and select social channels to share their favorite Sunday Suppers, using Bertolli sauces.

The program launched with Love and Lemon’s much anticipated Roasted Vegetable Lasagna recipe, followed by The Little Kitchen’s Lasagna Roll Ups. We can’t spoil all the great recipes, so you will just have to keep checking in on The Kitchy Kitchen and Half Baked Harvest to see what inspired Sunday Supper Bertolli dish they will be serving up.

If you were really just looking for some inspiration from Bertolli and Rocco DiSpirito, you can find all the produced videos on the Bertolli content hub on the Eating Well site!

And because we wouldn’t be true media professionals if we didn’t add even more legs to this activation, we will be running this content through Meredith’s engagement video unit, Bertolli’s social channels as well as leveraging Meredith content to run through our programmatic buys with Xaxis.

Now go out and buy your own jar(s) of Bertolli pasta sauce and make your own Sunday Supper!