Condé Nast NewFront: Please Don’t Say “Bae”

By Francia Miller Cohen, Partner, Associate Director, Digital Investment

For NewFronts week, content that appeals to millennial and Gen Z viewers has been the name of the game. Thus, the majority of Condé Nast’s one-hour NewFront presentation featured a panel discussion with actress and Lenny Letter creator Lena Dunham, comedian Travon Free, and Condé Nast’s Joe Sabia and Phillip Picardi. Among the advice for reaching younger audiences? “Please don’t say ‘Bae,’” the 26-year-old Picardi said. The rest of the panel gave the boilerplate mantras about the need to listen to young people and not talk down to them. Picardi also encouraged attendees to “change what your board rooms look like” to be more inclusive.

What really caught my eye. Condé boasted 12 billion digital video views in 2017 and announced 35 returning series and 60 new pilots under development for this year. Among the new pilots planned are Money Tours, where Glamour talks with women living under a range of budgets; Don’t be That Guy, in which famous women give men life advice; and Moral Code, which will examine the moral questions surrounding new technologies. Condé also announced the second-season renewal of their Snapchat show True Crime/Uncovered, which dissects mysterious and sometimes horrific crimes, but in a shortened six-minute length. They also announced an expanded partnership with Google’s VR platform Daydream, which famously showcased celebrity’s closets on Vogue.

And in another theme across many of this week’s NewFronts, Condé is launching OTT channels for select brands: Wired, Bon Appétit and GQ. The channel for Wired is expected to launch later this year, and Bon Appétit and GQ are expected to launch next year on Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire.

Overall, for brands that are looking to sponsor high quality content there is a lot coming from Condé. Through Condé Nast X, brands can work with Condé to be integrated into their YouTube channels. Within Condé Nast Prime, advertisers can have access to Condé’s top YouTube inventory, mimicking Google Preferred.