The Twitter NewFront: Live content, feminist programming, and more

By Stephanie Gaynor, Director, Paid Social, Mindshare North America

This week, Mindshare is bringing you timely recaps and insights from the NewFronts, looking at the content, brand implications, and more.

At last night’s event, Twitter announced a lot of new and continued video partnerships, demonstrating how instrumental premium content is going to be for their future.

What caught my eye:

#HereWeAre. A content series to champion women and feminism. From documenting women running for office (a new series done with HuffPost), to celebrating female milestones (a new series done with HISTORY), the original content will put women in the spotlight and celebrate their success. With consumers becoming more aware of the societal issues for women and giving more consideration to brands that stand up for what matters, building a genuine partnership to celebrate women in the spotlight could be a great place for brands to play.

Live Brand Studio. A Twitter team dedicated to helping brands to succeed as Live content creators; to master the Live campaign activation and own their respective Live conversations across Twitter. From broadcasting some of the largest sporting events to capturing intimate A-list music events, Twitter has proven expertise in the Live space so it makes sense that they’d be offering Live insights, real-time creative adjustments, and more, to demonstrate how nimble brands need to when thinking about Live.


The platform understands its active user base, and clearly seems dedicated to evolving the conversations that are currently happening on Twitter and bringing more value to the experience. Twitter seems to be moving more into their own space of programming – in doing so, that gives brands the opportunity to wrap their messages directly into premium content at scale.

What makes it different from the types of deals we drive with partners every day?

Just the sheer massive quantity of content unveiled at once – it felt like there was a series for everyone. And on a separate note but still something I’d like to mention: it was particularly encouraging to see the dedicated, scaleable programs to support communities like Black Twitter (the show Power Star Live) and in feminism.