Media in Canada: CES shows the voice battle is heating up


Devon MacDonald, chief strategy officer at Mindshare, told MiC that voice-enabled technology from Google, Amazon and their competitors are going to dominate consumer tech conversations “for a long time” because “voice has the opportunity to provide consumers with a new interface to their entire world.

“The consumer of the future will no longer need to know how to work the TV, start the dishwasher, or even lift a finger to get dinner ordered. They will just need to ask. From a media perspective, this provides us with incredible opportunities to integrate brands into the everyday nomenclature and routine of consumers, and the race to voice is on,” he said.

Beyond the voice battle, MacDonald noted a high number of products still being produced for smartphones at CES. “Manufacturers and designers have realized that it is much easier to add to an existing behaviour (i.e. carrying a phone) than asking consumers to add a new app or device.”

MacDonald points to the high number of new products that used phones’ native AR technology or expanded their role as digital assistants as proof that smartphone remain core to most new consumer technologies.

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