Ad Age: 5 Things We Learned About Connected Home at CES

By Brian Braiker and Megan Graham


Bad day? Your home is there for you

Smart devices get intimate details about the products we use and our preferences. Someday, they’ll likely be able to read the context behind our requests, and offer up suggestions. If you’re stressed, that could mean suggesting an order of comfort food from the restaurant around the corner. “Understanding the emotional side will hold some interesting nuggets for brands to play with,” says Cindy Gustafson, chief strategy officer at Mindshare North America.

Opting in to less privacy

Of course, sharing all those intimate details with our devices remains a spooky prospect for a lot of people. Privacy is top of mind for everyone when it comes to connected home. So how can devices get to know us without being creepy? Gustafson says consumers will buy in if they know what they’re getting themselves into. “People want more personalized experiences and are willing to give over data for that,” she says. “They just need to know that they’re doing it.”

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