POV: Inside Prime Day

By Azra Hirji, Marketing Coordinator, Strategy, Mindshare Canada

Who run the world? Girls… and probably Alexa.

Who would’ve thought a decade ago that we’d live in a world where locking a door no longer needed a tangible key, but rather a simple tap of an app. Or that purchasing something from your favourite store no longer needed a tangible debit or credit card, but rather a simple flick of the wrist (for those Apple Watch folks out there). Better yet, who would’ve thought checking the weather was as simple as asking a cylindrical gadget with an AI named Alexa?!

Less hectic than Black Friday and bigger than Cyber Monday, Amazon’s Prime Day will be coming to a computer screen near you on July 11th. Marking three years of celebrating its very own global ‘mega-sale’, Amazon Prime Day is the day we all need to watch out for.

Exclusive to Amazon Prime members in thirteen countries around the globe, for just over 24 hours, members and bargain hunters alike have the opportunity to scroll through Amazon’s infinite number of sale racks, adding their most coveted items into their shopping basket and ticking off their wish lists. Unlike Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which appeal to consumers for its ‘gift-giving’ aspects, Amazon’s Prime Day takes on a more ‘treat yourself’ approach. Whether it’s getting that new PlayStation VR for less or snagging every day household items at surprisingly slashed prices, treating yourself has never looked so Prime.

So what?!

Sales come and go. True. But it’s not everyday where shopping via Amazon’s Alexa, unlocks additional discounts on Prime Day. Amazon understands the power of bringing consumers into its own ecosystem. In turn means a more holistic experience for the user. And the better the experience a user has within an ecosystem (hello, one-click and voice shopping), the more value it can deliver, which ultimately translates into more sales (according to the Amazon flywheel).

It’s the ultimate Easter Egg, and we’re not complaining.

It’s this, which makes Amazon Prime Day matter, and marketers need to hop on so that their brands can hop into baskets of their consumers. Voice shopping was the future, but now it’s here and Amazon’s Alexa Sponsored ads allow brands to do something nuanced without it becoming a nuisance to pull off.

For a book-retailer-turned-e-commerce-giant-turned-global-search-engine (over half of Americans start their product search on Amazon rather than Google), Amazon has become an empire in it’s own right, and agencies are starting to catch on. It’s no wonder that late last year, Mindshare was the first and only media agency in North America to complete a pilot of Amazon Advertising’s accreditation program. With brands needing to defend their brand presence amongst the digital aisles, stay on top of mind, and rule their category, it’s important for agencies to be able to provide their clients with new opportunities within voice shopping and Alexa Sponsored Ads, to ensure they do exactly that.

Mindshare was also recently selected as a preferred resource for the launch of the Amazon Alexa Agencies & Tools site, and recently partnered with Possible to launch a full range of Amazon services, allowing its clients to take part in new brand experiences within the Amazon ecosystem.

To stay disruptive within the market, it’s all about surfing that Amazon wave because let’s face it, Alexa definitely rules the world (and Prime Day!)