CNBC: Amazon is planning a push into digital advertising in 2018

By Michelle Castillo


Amazon has been quietly experimenting with various advertising products across its portfolio and off its website, according to interviews with half a dozen ad buyers and technology partners. And it’s getting ready to make waves in 2018.

“Amazon likes to talk about how 56 percent of product searches are coming through Amazon,” said Diana Gordon, senior partner at media agency Mindshare. “It’s definitely a stat that causes advertisers to stand up.”

If you remove the buy box on Amazon’s site, it would rank in the top five of daily trafficked sites online, Gordon explained. Amazon can not only drive sales, it’s becoming a place for people to read reviews.

“We know that consumers are using Amazon not only as retail, but also using it as product discovery and research,” Gordon said. “It could lead to making more purchases in brick-and-mortar stores.”

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