MarTech Today: Twitter’s ad business has shrunk, but ad buyers say it’s stabilized


If brands use [Twitter] like they use Facebook, it isn’t going to work. Twitter is very real-time. You have to be relevant. Your content has to be relevant. How you target has to be different,” said Kalaiya. On Facebook, brands target what people are interested in. On Google, brands target what they are searching for. On Twitter, brands target what people are talking about, she said. Through its keyword targeting option, Twitter lets brands aim their ads based on what people are saying. Keyword targeting is Twitter’s “most effective” form of targeting, driving better results for performance-minded marketers than interest-based targeting, “because we are targeting how people talk,” said Kalaiya. And Twitter’s negative keyword targeting option enables brands to avoid any trending or touchy topics they don’t want to be associated with.

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