Media Post: Mindshare Examines The Media Multiverse

By Richard Whitman


“If done the right way, advertiser-created experiences in the multiverse can build a remarkable amount of brand love—more so than what a brand could do on its own,” says Joe Maceda, managing director, Invention Studio lead, Mindshare NA.

“We’ve entered the next stage of storytelling, where everything is interconnected and media properties are focusing on depth instead of mass reach,” says Autumn Nazarian, senior vice president, Spotlight lead, Mindshare NA.

Thus, advertisers must identify which particular franchises align best with their brand DNA, and what the opportunities are for sponsorship and integration. “Examine your current media buys to understand your presence within franchises across channels,” the report recommends. Figure out what unique features and properties your brand can bring to a franchise; how your brand can help fans to more deeply enter these worlds.

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