For Twitter, the Trump Presidency Has Been a Double-Edged Sword

By Leon Lazaroff

The controversial commander-in-chief has helped make Twitter the go-to platform for breaking news, but his appeal can work both ways.

Twitter’s appeal can work both ways. As anyone who frequents the platform can attest, conversations can get nasty very quickly (CNN has dutifully cataloged all of Trump’s here.) While the president’s supporters may view his tweets as an asset, advertisers might see the site as an unsafe place to market their brand.

“It’s not the president personally, but more that while news used to be a very neutral place for brands to advertise, nowadays some of the news can be polarizing,” Beena Kalaiya, head of social at Mindshare North America, a media agency owned by GroupM. “So you do have to be more careful if you don’t want to tie your brand to run within, or next to, something controversial.”