Mindshare’s FUTURE33 in Atlanta

By Allison Fillman, Director, Senior Partner, Digital Investment, Mindshare NA

Stemming from the success of FUTURE33 (first deployed in our LA office), the Mindshare Atlanta office hosted their first annual FUTURE33 last week. The half-day summit was an opportunity for our teams to update top partners on Mindshare’s core initiatives like The Loop, give insight into our 10 differentiators, and preview of clients’ key initiatives for 2018. The number “33” was chosen as a representation of the communication, inspiration, guidance, and spark that were the base principles of FUTURE33.

The team invited 33 partners and publishers doing great things in the digital industry to develop opportunistic partnerships to help grow our clients’ marketing programs and businesses. Some of the partners in attendance included Spotify, Fullscreen, Tenor, Emogi, Waze, Vevo, and more. Our goal was to facilitate communication, empower collaboration, and inspire them to generate great ideas for our clients!