The Drum: How Amazon is becoming the third force in advertising, making the duopoly an oligopoly

By Lisa Lacy

Of the two players in the duopoly, Amazon is more like Google – which means they’re now squaring off for consumers looking for information.

And, according Joe Migliozzi, managing director of e-commerce and retail media unit Shop+, lead of media company Mindshare North America, Amazon’s business model is not dependent on advertising revenue, which gives it the freedom to change the competitive landscape.

 “For example, Amazon Echo’s main ambition is to sign up more Prime subscribers and sell more goods, not to sell ads,” he said. “However, Echo has disrupted the search business both by voice, as well as the singularity of its answers: There is no room, or at least very limited space, for paid search advertising in a world of single voice answers to queries.”

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