AdAge: ABC Is Looking For a Few Good Men

Disney/ABC TV Group President Ben Sherwood says he views ABC’s 2017-18 season as “back to the future in broadcast,” meaning a pivot back to wider appeal, something more akin to the old days of TV than today’s niche cable hits. Critical acclaim and fervent fans may sell subscriptions to streaming sites or cable networks, but they don’t sell toothpaste like a hit show.

Walt Disney is also a partner of Comcast’s Blockchain platform, which is working to boost TV advertising efficiency by allowing for a secure exchange of audience data.

Even if the company was further along, though, some buyers say Disney/ABC TV Group doesn’t have as much potential as larger conglomerates with more networks and diversified audiences, especially because ESPN is not sold alongside the other entertainment networks. “Part of the reason NBCU and Viacom can offer it is because they are scaled,” says Jason Maltby, president and co-executive director of national broadcast at Mindshare.

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