Simplify and Strengthen Your Approach to Data Visualization

By Rolf Olsen

By Rolf Olsen, Chief Data Officer, Mindshare NA

Data Visualization has the opportunity to go beyond how we digest a piece of information and become a business strategy game-changer. We live in a world where speed matters. When we shorten the time from insight to action we can exploit market opportunities in the most agile fashion. Speed = growth.

Think context and color. The best data visualization centers on two things: Context and Color. Context boils down to one question: “Why should I care?” The effective use of color makes context come alive. A simple, universal example? Red, yellow, green. We know red means stop and green means go.

1. Own your frustration. That’s your secret trump card. Deep down, we all know we’re getting too many reports. Use that to your advantage. Make it the trigger for change.

2. Gain the trust of your peers. 

3. Put different skills sets together. The best data visualization is the work of left-brain and right-brain people. 

4. Start small. Stay small. Don’t over reach. Get a small team of the right people on board. 

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