MediaPost: Why Marketers Must Embrace The Boomaissance

By Kyle Ranally

As marketers, we’re only beginning to embrace this concept. Over the past several years, our industry has developed an obsession with Millennials, often causing us to overlook older generations. In fact, according to Google, there were about 3.5 times more articles mentioning “Millennials” than “Baby Boomers” in the past year. However, it’s Boomers who are the source for growth in technology right now, as tech usage among other generations has plateaued.

From 2015 to 2016, Boomers increased their average time spent with mobile apps by 37%, compared to only 3% for Millennials according to comScore data. They’re also engaging in e-commerce, with nearly one-third saying they shop online weekly. And in social media, the number of users ages 50 – 64 increased from 51% in July 2015 to 64% in November 2016.

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