Mindshare, POSSIBLE Launch New Amazon-Focused Media/E-Commerce Venture

By Steve McClellan

By Steve McClellan

In a bid to create a scaled and integrated marketing and commerce approach to online shopping giant Amazon, WPP agencies POSSIBLE and Mindshare are joining forces. They are launching a new international offering to help brands leverage investments across the entire Amazon ecosystem, the companies confirmed Tuesday.


“If brands aren’t thinking about Amazon as a media platform, they run the risk of becoming obsolete,” stated Joe Migliozzi, Shop+ Lead at Mindshare. “Understanding where and how to spend media dollars on Amazon is important, and integrating that spend into the rest of your media strategy is where brand loyalty and greater demand are achieved. But in the end, if brands aren’t optimized on the platform, it doesn’t matter how much money you spend.”

“The potential for brands and retailers on Amazon is enormous,” added Frank Kochenash, Global SVP of Commerce at POSSIBLE. “But they need a holistic strategy to succeed. That strategy needs to cover everything from retail fundamentals to media buying and planning.”

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