Cannes was a hot one, but innovation in entertainment proved to be even hotter! | POV: People vs. Machines

By Amanda Hechinger: Manager, Strategic Innovation, Life+, Mindshare North America

At about 90 degrees, Thursday’s weather in Cannes was a hot one, but innovation in entertainment proved to be even ‘hotter’!

In one panel titled ‘What Happens When Hollywood Meets Silicon Valley’, Alibaba showcased how they utilized augmented reality to accompany their 11/11 Global Shopping Festival (Double Eleven Gala). They hosted a massive celebrity-filled live 5-hour event leading up to all of their discounts and integrated interactive elements so consumers at home could feel included. In one part of the show, users at home were directed to enter an experience on their mobile device where they could use AR to virtually ‘catch’ products. For example, a woman modeled a Burberry jacket and users were instructed, in a Pokémon GO fashion, to snag the jacket with one lucky winner actually winning the product! This execution garnered over 238 million interactions. Another part of the show gave users the opportunity to dictate a storyline for chosen audience members to act out and another had people bet on which team would win in a game involving a car brand. After the show, 1,256 cars were sold and throughout the entire live event, there were a total of 7.8 billion interactions with over 4,000 staff members involved in making it come to life. This was such an innovative way to not only build excitement for Alibaba’s worldwide discounts, but also use a growing mobile medium and technology to achieve an e-commerce initiative that’s never been done before. I’ll definitely look at the 11/11 Global Shopping Festival as a case study for how to execute real time, interactive consumer-facing experiences for Mindshare clients in the future!

Also with regard to the entertainment industry, Wyclef Jean sat on a panel hosted by Shazam. He discussed transitioning from the world of CDs into the digital streaming age with Shazam and Spotify being two platforms that have taken the lead. He ended the session by debuting, for the very first time, his brand new single! Needless to say, Cannes is ‘lit’ (and I’m not just talking about the sun).

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