What if in 10 years everyone uses voice to make every purchase? | POV: People vs. Machines

Happy Wednesday, Cannes! We jumpstarted the morning with The Washington Post where they hosted us for a small breakfast to share their many ad tech updates. WashPo continues to be one of the top news publications with regard to innovation, utilizing many nuanced channels to provide users with mobile experiences that are not only both smart and relevant, but also unexpected. They mentioned that they’re playing heavily in the augmented reality space, with a full section dedicated strictly to AR content in their proprietary app.  As you swipe left in the app interface, the ‘augmented reality’ section is featured under the search bar, providing excellent visibility for newcomers into their splashy new segment. The publication is also entering the voice space by testing out audio articles with Amazon Polly, a technology that can read words. Users will be able to create a news briefing audio playlist that has Polly read the news to you as you go about your day (it’s been said, however, that Polly sounds a bit robotic, so updates will need to be made). Lastly, WashPo is building unique ad unit placements that fall within 360 video content and between the visual experience as you move your device around. We haven’t seen this type of AR ad inventory in the market thus far, so we’re excited to explore this offering for our clients!

Next up, we had the opportunity to attend a workshop session with none other than Mindshare’s own Joe Maceda, the head of Invention Studio in North America. The workshop, which includes five ‘episodes,’ is titled, “Black Mirror,” drawing immediate comparisons to the futuristic sci-fi television series that examines the potentially scary implications of modern technology. In Joe’s workshop, he looks at current technology and cultural trends and plays them out to their most extreme solution. For example, consumers across the globe are beginning to adopt voice tech, but what if in 10 years everyone uses voice to make every purchase? While this is merely an exercise, it’s fascinating to imagine these very realistic scenarios in order to predict how it will affect the advertising industry as well as how our clients can adapt to the ever-evolving tech landscape.

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