Will we still have jobs? | POV: People vs. Machines

By Paul Linley: Associate Director, Mindshare North America

The majority of discussions and insight coming out of today was around how humans will work with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. What does the future look like for agencies and the big concern for many, will we still have jobs?

Lessons Learned

  • Many startups and tech companies are jumping on the AI bandwagon and making the industry more complex than it needs to be.
  • Agencies and Clients need to gain a better understanding of AI and Machine Learning, not about the tech itself but more about how it will benefit them.
  • Programmatic was the start of it with machines taking away the tasks that are labour intensive. When programmatic emerge they were fears of lost jobs however we now have Programmatic companies that are huge with 2000 people managing “automatedprocesses”.  AI will create more jobs and will free up humans to do other tasks.
  • Machines will let us move from audience segment targeting models in which we target masses of similar people to a very micro consumer ID based targeting.


There was a great analogy used today to relating the future of how we work will work with AI to how we interact with a device like Alexa. We ask it to purchase a product, the machine then looks historically at what we bought, what is available in the market, is it the best option for us and the machine finds exactly we want. Soon AI media will be purchased in a similar fashions, we will tell the machine what we want.  This will free up the need of planners and buyers from looking through data. Humans are still needed to make the data work, we will still need to interpret the data.


“Worry less about the data and we can do a better job of solving problems” – Dave Helmreich of LiveIntent

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