Mediapost: Adland’s Diversity Problem Revisited At Cannes (Again)

By Larissa Faw

CANNES, FRANCE — Talent isn’t gender-specific. Talent isn’t defined by ethnicity. Yet the advertising industry continues to lag in diversity and gender equality.

Mindshare’s Nilufar Fowler joined Ida Rezvani, WPP Global Client Leader Team IHG; Charlotte Beers, former CEO Ogilvy & Mather and consultant Maggie Semple, to explore what Adland needs to do to make a course correction on the diversity and gender equality front at a session in Cannes today.

“Let’s stop talking about it and start doing something about it,” says Rezvani. “This isn’t about being politically correct. Woe is ethnic me. This is about doing right for business.”

Panelists agree the industry has signaled its commitment to addressing the issue. “No company has the whole thing right ” says Semple. “When there is a will to do it you can see it, feel it.”

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