Campaign: New banner ad from Jaguar Land Rover lets you test drive a car from your phone

by I-Hsien Sherwood

Working with Blippar and Mindshare, the auto company lets customers sit in a virtual driver’s seat, no gear required.

For years, Jaguar Land Rover has experimented with immersive digital experiences. It’s used its app to model vehicles in 3D, mocked up a concept for a car with a heads-up display and taken customers on virtual reality tours at car shows.

But now the automotive company is bringing augmented reality to the lowly banner ad. New rich media banner ads for the Range Rover Velar SUV allow users to see the world around them from the inside of the car using nothing but their smartphone camera, rather than goggles or a proprietary app. Jaguar Land Rover is the first brand to take advantage of the technology, which was created by London-based AR startup Blippar and Mindshare North America.

“In the past you would have to download a specific app, which is obviously a clunkier process and a hurdle for engagement,” said Taylor Hoel, media specialist at Jaguar Land Rover North America. “The fact that all a customer has to do is enable a camera to engage with this is really great for us, and we were thrilled to jump in and test this.”

The Velar debuts in August, but customers can begin examining and interacting with the vehicle now. “One of our campaign KPIs is to drive pre-orders, but that’s difficult to achieve without actually test-driving the vehicle,” said Dan Eckrote, director, planning at Mindshare North America, Jaguar Land Rover’s media agency. “The AR experience solves for that by allowing consumers to ‘sit in the driver’s seat’ no matter where they are.”

JLR’s research has shown that the brand’s customers like cutting-edge technology. Customers in the U.S. are used to pre-ordering a vehicle from the British-based company that they can’t take home that day, so they also like receiving as much information about a car they’re thinking about buying as they can get. “With these very discerning customers, they really do want to get a sense of detail in terms of what the vehicle offers,” said Joe Torpey, communications manager at Jaguar Land Rover North America. “It’s not just a static photo that’s going to entice them. It’s the romance of enveloping themselves in that kind of experience and getting a sense as to what its potential is.”