Press Release: AdsWizz Launches Platform for Alexa Music Skill Developers

AdsWizz, the leading technology provider of marketing and advertising solutions for the digital audio industry, announced today that the company has worked closely with advertising agencies Mediavest | Spark (a division of Publicis Media), Assembly (an MDC Partners agency), and Mindshare (a division of WPP) to enhance integrated advertising on the iHeartRadio Alexa skill. With the platform, content for existing streaming audio ads can now be customized for Alexa.

For music and radio skill developers, AdsWizz provides a suite of technical solutions for Alexa skills. The solution includes an AdsWizz streaming audio advertising SDK and access to a global ecosystem of audio advertisers.

The iHeartRadio skill allows Alexa users to listen to thousands of Live Radio stations across the country, podcasts, and custom Artist Radio stations based on a favorite artist and those similar.

“AdsWizz is proud to work with iHeartMedia, Mediavest | Spark, Assembly and Mindshare to help our skill and advertising partners learn how best to engage with their customers through voice,” said Alexis van de Wyer, CEO of AdsWizz. “Voice will change the way people behave digitally. Hence it is important that we start designing and testing new ways for brands to positively interact with customers in this new environment.”

Additional advertisers and streaming audio skills are expected to add the functionality in the coming weeks.