Digiday: In the shadow of the duopoly, media rivals are becoming allies

Digiday’s Sahil Patel looks at the growth of publisher partnerships and what they mean for the media landscape. One example is the recently announced partnership by Condé Nast, Vox Media, and NBCUniversal, which among other things, includes Spire (Condé Nast’s data product) and the move for Condé Nast’s publications to make their ad inventory available in Concert, a private marketplace that includes Vox Media and NBCU digital properties.

Check out an excerpt from his piece below, featuring insights from Mindshare NA’s Christine Peterson, Digital Investment Lead:

Ad buyers say they’re receptive to these partnerships — the Condé Nast-Vox-NBCU partnership already has four advertisers, which it wouldn’t identify because they’re not live yet. But scale isn’t enough. The Condé Nast-Vox-NBCU partnership has scale, but it’s the data targeting and measurement, plus high-quality content and brand-safe environments that put it over the top.

“[Spire]’s a critical component that makes it incrementally more valuable,” said Christine Peterson, digital investment lead for Mindshare North America, which is reviewing Concert for a number of clients. “When it’s well-thought out and incorporates data, then it does belong in a competitive landscape closer to the duopoly. If it’s purely about scale, I can find it somewhere else and at a lower price.”

Buyers were also quick to note that publisher partnerships are not new, they just seem to be more official and planned out these days. Media agencies also have a long history of pooling different publishers together for ad campaigns.

For more, you can read the full article here: http://digiday.com/media/in-the-shadow-of-the-duopoly-publishers-are-going-from-competitors-to-allies/