MediaPost: Mindshare, Charlotte Beers Create Community X

By Larissa Faw

WPP’s Mindshare is introducing Community X, a women’s leadership initiative in partnership with Charlotte Beers, former Chairman/CEO of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide and Under Secretary of State in the United States.

The program brings both Mindshare executives and agency clients together, making it more unique than a standard female leadership training or retreat programs.

Under this format, female leaders join female client leads for an intensive learning program to empower one another. By choosing women who are already in or who are headed for big global leadership roles at both clients and agencies, Mindshare expects Community X to become a catalyst for change, with participants paving a way for other women to grow into leadership roles.

“The program will provide the luxury of time for them to ponder and shape further how they want to lead,” says program leader Beers.

It also is designed to serve as an investment in women leaders, helping Mindshare client partners better tackle this issue, working side-by-side with the female leadership at Fortune 500 brands, they say. Together it’s about having a larger global impact across our industry.

“Bringing likeminded women together in the industry is extremely critical to foster personal and professional growth,” says Gail Tifford, vice president of media and digital engagement for Unilever North America. “Being able to share my story and gain different insights and perspectives has helped me fine tune my personal purpose. The session broke down walls, which allowed us to dig deeper and understand the impact of nature vs. nurture experiences in our lives—not only how it helped me get to where I am, but also how it may hold me back as I look to progress.”

Community X launched with two sessions, bringing together clients from CPG, automotive, sports, and beauty with Mindshare UK CEO and chair of Western Europe Helen McRae and Mindshare NA Chief Strategy Officer Cindy Gustafson to focus on leadership styles and impact.

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