Mindshare@SXSWi: Wake Up, Austin – Wednesday, March 15

By Alana Diehl, Senior Social Associate, Mindshare Canada

We’re on day six of SXSW and the Interactive space is starting to wind down, though excitement is still in the air.

Sessions for today cover a variety of topics, from content and adaptive marketing to the experience economy. Here are some of our top picks to check out:

How a Whale Brought Fans Closer to Nickelodeon
12:30PM – 1:30PM | JW Marriott Salon D

In this session, hear from Nickelodeon and its partner RED Games, to learn how the brand has deepened fan engagement beyond traditional marketing, used gaming to drive ratings, and examine the future of entertainment IP.

Memories Matter: Leveraging the Experience Economy
3:30PM – 4:30PM | JW Marriott Salon E

It’s vital for brands to grow more mobile, social, and personal to cultivate their businesses in this environment and meet consumer needs. In this panel, industry leaders from StubHub and Lyft will discuss the growing impact of the experience economy and how to provide consumers greater value.

Who Has the Guts to Invest in Content?
5:00PM – 6:00PM | JW Marriott Salon FG

Buzzfeed, Reuters, Bleacher Report, and Under Armour can speak to the big dollars being invested into media today. In this session, they’ll explore challenges, successes, and where they see the future of the industry heading as a whole.

Aside from these sessions, you can also head over to the Hilton to witness the conclusion of the 24-hour Hackathon as teams present their concepts and creations in music, film, and VR/AR, science fair-style for registrants and judges.

Witness more of the Tech x Art trend with Google and their Wonder Woman interactive live art experience, where they will use VR artists to create work inspired by the upcoming film.

And last but not least, don’t forget to check out the last day of the Trade Show where you can take a break from the craziness by playing with some of Austin’s most adoptable comrades. Experience major Aw-factor by visiting the puppies and kittens at the Social Good pavilion looking for new homes.

Adios for now!