Mindshare@SXSWi: Nightcap, Day 5

By Alana Diehl, Senior Social Associate, Mindshare Canada

Though Austin can’t seem to make up its mind about the weather, day five at SXSW turned out to be beautiful, with the afternoon shaping up to be perfect patio weather. Today was also extra delicious because being March 14th, it’s Pi Day!

National Geographic celebrated Pi Day and Albert Einstein’s birthday by combining tech and art with an interactive robotic installation that would draw portraits of people using only Einstein equations. Check out the video here.

Sessions at SXSW today centered around content and social media marketing. Jerry Media CEO, Mick Purzycki and influencers, Elliot Tebele and James Ohliger spoke about the business of creating hilarious content.

Content needs to be relevant, relatable, snackable, and have shock value to be successful on social media. Purzycki spoke to the success of memes on their influencer accounts and how relevancy is the heart and soul of the content type. When consumers identify with content that brands share, they feel a connection, and memes are a trend-forward way to do this, especially with a millennial audience. Lastly, Purzycki and team have seen some great successes with pushing the envelope with their work. They believe that brands can harness the shareable nature of social media by producing content that is a little more out there.

Pop singer Kesha also hosted a session with Refinery29’s Chief Content Officer Amy Emmerich to speak about women on social media and how they can reclaim the Internet. She spoke to the fact that women face significantly more scrutiny and are far more likely to be subjected to cyber bullying. She brought an interesting point of view from an adaptive perspective for women in the digital space as someone who has faced vast scrutiny in the past.

We also caught up with Devon MacDonald, Chief Strategy Officer of Mindshare Canada, to chat about what he’s seen here at SXSW, and what tech trends marketers need to pay more attention to. Stay tuned for the video this week.

That’s all for now! I am off to celebrate Pi Day in the best (and most delicious) way I know how.