By Aydin Abdollahi, Account Manager, Mindshare Spotlight, Mindshare North America

Good morning from the bat city! After freezing yesterday (I’m from Los Angeles!), the temperature is expected to rise a bit today. As more film and music folks roll into town for their respective festivals, there are still plenty of Interactive sessions and brand activations to check out, just like the past couple of days.

Below is a list of a few standout sessions coming up today that I think would be worthwhile:

The Fashion Designer in the Age of Social Media
11am-12pm, Austin Convention Center, Ballroom D

Fashion icon Marc Jacobs and Vogue Creative Digital Director Sally Singer will discuss Marc’s inspiration, why he posts what he posts, and how the blurring of the lines between luxury and mass has continued to change his industry and our culture generally.

Artificial Intelligence is the Future of Fashion
12:30pm-1:30pm, JW Marriott, Salon 1-2

Apparel is the perfect collector of biometric data with the technology being rooted in textile nanotechnology, flexible electronics, and sensors. New digital business models paired with the aspects of social good will empower sports and fashion brands to truly play an important role in the evolution of digital health endorsing that fashion is a reflection of our society.

While we’re on this topic, make sure to check out Levi’s Outpost at 606 E 3rd Street as they showcase their new upcoming Commuter jacket with an “interactive textile.”

Game Changer: Spectacles Come to Sports
2pm-3pm, Four Seasons, Ballroom AB

The Minnesota Wild became the first pro sports team to incorporate Snapchat Spectacles into their social engagement strategy, ushering in a new era of tech-fueled fan engagement worldwide. In the world of ever-changing technology, it’s important to find out what’s a game changer vs. just a fad. This session sees the digital leads from the Wild, SportTechie and space150 discuss what’s next in sports tech media, stadium experiences, and fan engagement.

Aside from the amazing sessions today, there are plenty of branded experiences and activations to get lost in:

– HBO has created three fully immersive rooms at the Convention Center themed with their shows Silicon ValleyVeep, and Game of Thrones.

– The YouTube Corner opens today at 12pm and I’m excited to see what they’ve built as they say it’s a place for daydreamers, innovative storytelling and a surprise or two, with something for everyone. The YouTube Corner is located on 112 E 5th St.

– Lastly on my list is NYLON’s Happiest of Hours from 3pm to 6pm at Bar 96, located on my favorite street in Austin so far: Rainey St. (address: 96 Rainey St.). It features performances by POWERS, Bridgit Mendler, Kat Graham, and The Aces, and more.

I hope everyone has a day filled with energy, excitement, knowledge, and most importantly love!

– Aydin