Mindshare@SXSWi: Interview with The New York Times’ Marc Lavallee

Where is mobile messaging and AI going next? And what should brands take away from the heavy focus on politics and tech for social good at SXSWi? Mindshare NA’s Rachel Lowenstein, Manager, Strategic Innovation, Life+, interviewed The New York Times’ Marc Lavallee, Executive Director, Story[X], out in Austin to get his take.

Watch the full video below, with highlights including:

– How the NYT is working to keep the human element front and center in bots. For example, during the Olympics, instead of having a bot send users programmed messages, they actually had their deputy sports editor texting users behind the scenes.

– Why Marc is inspired by TextRex, a personalized restaurant recommendation service, provided instantly via text message

– Why consumers will drive more transparency for brands in supply chains, sourcing, and more