#WhatsTrending: Meditation Mediation

Don’t be late to school, or you might get sent to detention the Mindful Moment Room. Kids at the Robert W. Coleman Elementary School are getting a dose of meditation instead of being punished with detention. It’s a new approach towards the students, many of whom come from troubled homes. The school believes it offers a way for students to learn from their behaviors, teaching them how to better cope with disruptive emotions and possibly improve their attention spans.

This new disciplinary approach is just another example of the shift we’ve seen in the way millennials (moms in particular) are raising their children – and part of the 21st Century Motherhood trend that we’ve been tracking at Mindshare. Many millennials see themselves as doing a great job as parents, even better than Boomers or Gen-Xers (CVL Link). Part of that sentiment has to do with the fact that millennial mothers value “curiosity”, “having fun”, and “adventure” as guiding principles in their lives, as discovered in our 2016 trend report .As a result, their methods of child rearing are changing.

And it’s not just mothers and fathers that are changing the way they approach this up-and-coming generation of millennial kids – brands are learning to adjust their methods of communication with the younger albeit tech-savvy group. Last week, for example, a lawyer rewrote Instagram’s Terms of Use, translating the text into “kid-friendly language.”

As brands and society as a whole can adapt to the behaviors of both millennial parents and their children, they’ll be able to better communicate meaningful ideas that can positively impact generations to come.